ASX:TB8 what’s wrong with this beverage company ??



Tianmei Beverage Group Corporation Limited

The Stats

Price $0.185
Mkt Cap ~$44 M (based on 180M shares + 60m in escrow)
Revenue generation: Bottled water in China, product promotion and other related services around the fast moving consumer goods sector

Other Facts

recently IPOed for $0.20 they have not moved much above their IPO price, they have been as low as $0.08.

Balance sheet is healthy, cashed up with virtually no debt

they bought the water treatment plant Qianlifeng they are bottling the water from and are in the process of expansion of that plant to triple its capacity

cash generation for the 6 months to May was $19M putting it on course of a PE of just over 1 !!!

Why Tianmei

Drinking water in China sucks and an emerging middle class wants access to nicer things as evidenced by the major GDP growth of the country in the last 10 years (averaging about 7% which is phenomenal )

Currently only supplys the province of Guangzhou so there is massive room for growth

Already making significant cash flow

distribution channels in stores which can lead to import opportunities in other segments outside bottled water


Currently either unknown or unloved or doing something dodgy?

risks around contamination of the water plant and constant supply of water .

My Verdict

Probably worth punting for a potential 10 Bagger


Disclaimer : 

all writing is my own personal opinion

You should seek professional advice for your own investment decisions


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