ASX:PNR – Some Value in there



Current share price $0.082
Current Market cap: $47 M
total shares O/S + options = 664
Fully diluted = $55 M

Updated based on announcement to purchase 100% of the nicolson Gold mine

increase Shares by 130M

New fully diluted Mkt Cap based on 794 M shares = 65M

Current mine open in all directions current view is 500k – 750k Oz

Current output = 4500-4700 Oz per month = 54-56K Oz

Cash Costs currently $1200 with focus on getting to $1000

Margin at current AUD gold price of $1700 is around 500 – 700

Current Profit = $27- $ 37 m

Price Target – Conservatively estimated at 20c

if Gold price can increase by 10% price estimate would be around 30c

other things of note

Other tenements in PNG possibly blue sky

Disclaimer : 

this is my own personal opinion

You should seek professional advice for your own investment decisions



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