Some Tech Specs

Update 3/11/15

Tikforce reverse takeover of Palace Resources Limited (ASX:PZR)

What does Tikforce do
Tikforce said it currently provides identity checking services through Australia Post, Through the platform

according to the site

“ introduces a new way for workers and employers to be part of the workforce marketplace.

Our premium service to get verified values the importance of having skills, licences, qualifications, and other credentials verified for rapid on-boarding and continued compliance. guarantees* that verified workers have met a 100-point ID check and made a statutory declaration that their skills are true and valid through our partnership with Australia Post. verified status helps employers reduce the risk of non-compliance.”


By leveraging off the existing comprehensive identity checks and in-person process through Australia Post can now offer validation of contractor and worker skills, and identity checks

Other services can include skills
insurance checks
pre-qualification requirement checks

all these assist companies and employers with maintaining compliance

the company said it will extend its reach globally, with international expansion pinned for early next year with TikForce able to provide digital ID verification in over 100 countries.

should have a market cap once all is finalised at $15M (if the cap raising price of $0.10 used)

Xped reverse takeover of Raya Group (ASX:RYG)

What does Xped do
device browser to control anything which is Auto Discovery Remote Control (ADRC) from your phone

ADRC opens the opportunity up to take advantage of the internet of things (IoT) and


according to a presentation on the ASX for RYG

by 2020 the IoT market will be worth $1 trillion

should have a market cap once all is finalised at $30M (if the cap raising price of $0.02 used)


Been noticing the Reverse takeover or Backdoor listings into listed mining shell companies seems becoming quite the trend

this has seen the relatively quick rises or 1PG, RFN and MIG who have all risen at blisteringly fast rates

lets have a look at some upcoming backdoor listings

Updater – IPO soon – people who move house

Alcidion – soon – electronic patient record system

Whole New Home – currently listed (ASX:WNH) – connects designers with homeowners

AHALife – currently listed (ASX:AHL) – portal for luxury goods designers with buyers (sort of like a high end etsy)

ShareRoot via Monto Minerals (ASX:MOO) – Soon – User Generated content marketing platform for Enterprise

cardinal House via Fe Limited – Soon

Bailador (ASX:BTI) – Invests in startups

some to add to the watchlist

As always This column is the personal opinion of the writer and does not imply any stock recommendations or offer financial advice. Readers should do further research of their own or talk to their adviser before acting on themes in this article. All attempts have been made to amke sure the accuracy of all prices and analysis at the Date of publication at the top of the post


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