ASX:CYP Cynata Stem Cell Tech

10 July 2015

Corporate Snapshot

Market Cap 60 M
Share Price: $0.89
Cash @ April 2015 $ 5.5 M

What do they do:
– Stem cell and regenerative medicine company that is developing a therapeutic stem cell platform technology, Cymerus


Story so far
– the problem the stem cell manufacturing is that it requires donors to
– currently at a point now with the technology whereby they can start Phase 1 Clinical trials
– potential game changer in lowering the cost of the manufacture of stem cells

Reasons to get on Board
– could be great technology “game changing” for the industry?
– revenue streams could materialise in the form of commercial partnerships
– longer term view

Reasons to NOT get on board
– run out of cash
– Trials go bad
– revenue from the commercial partnership yet to materialize

My thoughts
still a very speculative buy and very long term buy still
if they can be as successful as ASX:MSB Mesoblast then they are still a long way off their potential

Verdict – Keep watch and Speculative buy at 90c

As always This column is the personal opinion of the writer and does not imply any stock recommendations or offer financial advice. Readers should do further research of their own or talk to their adviser before acting on themes in this article. All prices and analysis at the Date of publication at the top of the post


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