ASX:BCT mmmm mems

25 May 2015

Corporate Snapshot

Market Cap 11 M
Share Price: $0.066
Cash @ April 2015 $ 1.4 M

What do they do:
-developer of a MEMS based smart chip providing a unique patent protected secure wireless tracking technology
-MEMS = Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems
-Bluechiips MEMS chip has advantages over other chips as they are temperature sensing, can withstand extreme temperatures and immune to gamma irradiation
it contains no electronics whatsoever, each chip is individually pre-programmed during manufacture with a unique ID making it tamper proof

Story so far
– currently only in the biobanking industry which relates to bio preservation for cryogenics and stem cells etc
– in the process of expanding beyond this
– the interesting development recently is the commercial partnership with ST Microelectronics a $7B NY stock exchange listed chip maker to use Bluechiips mems technology in ST micoelectronics business
– there is also recently been distribution in China and Canada within the bio-banking space with interest in Japan

Reasons to get on Board
– great technology
– revenue from the commercial partnership yet to materialize

Reasons to NOT get on board
– run out of cash
– can’t sell their product
– revenue from the commercial partnership yet to materialize
– how will their product compete against others in the market

My thoughts
still a very speculative buy but if they can get some more agreements in place and more importantly revenue coming in through the doors then it will propel the price

Verdict – Speculative buy at 5-7c

All information is believed to correct by the author at the time of publishing


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