ASX:CVT online security for your cloud

Corporate Snapshot

Market Cap (as of 9 March 2015)(fully diluted) 108M
Share Price: $0.28
Cash @ Jan 15 $ 14 M

$ 0.0356 Cash/NTA per share

NPAT Fcst – unable to ascertain as yet
potentially mkt cap $300M-$500M ?

expected increase 200%-400%

In My Honest Opinion:
what they do:
security for the cloud

What’s happened to Date

High barriers to entry
lots of accreditation
secure platform
easily integrated into existing infrastructure
easy to use and integrate
security is a big thing now
high profile execs

still in infancy
Need more sales

security is a big thing now

other competitors
they make no money, or burn cash quicker than they can make it

Buy this because…:sexy stock at the moment and there is ample room for growth

Type of Buy: Buy and hold – watch – get out at a certain point when the steam runs out


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